Children & Youth Study

The Christian Education team at First works to find good ways to work with children at their intellectual and skill level to teach the stories and traditions of the Bible and also to look at culture and life applications and how the Bible and being a Christian speaks to that.  Below are the classes that are currently taking place at First. You are welcome to join us anytime – for a Sunday, for a section or to become part of the community and help plan what we do.


Chi Rho – Grades 6-8

Dark & Disturbing Stories from the Bible students to see life From God’s point of view.

Beginning September 29th, we will be using Dark and Disturbing Stories from the Bible published by Standard Publishing ( Remember these stories:

A lone rebel slays an evil king…

A woman stakes out the enemy commander and slays him with an iron peg…

The sun stands eerily still leading to an entire army’s annihilation…

A man betrays his guiltless friend for a handful of coins…

The publisher says “There are more like PG-13 movies than Sunday school stories. But they are in the bible. And they’re not meant to be hidden.”  So we will explore them for 8 weeks.


Past Studies

large_hpHarry Potter: During the month of September we looked at the Harry Potter series using a curriculum written by PrimeTime Parable Ministries (  Their goal is to look at the intersectio of culture and Christianity.  The questions we will be focusing on incude:

What does the author say? J.K. Rowling was raised Anglican and is now a member of the Presbyterian Church

What does the story say? Jesus told many of this stories in parable.  Looking at Harry Potter as story what does it say about prophecy, the power of love and the title of “Chosen One?”

What does the Bible say? Rowling says two verses summarize the series – we will be exploring those.