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What to expect if I come to visit?

We are sensitive that people are at different places on their spiritual journey. We let everyone enter in activities and ministries when they feel comfortable to do so. There are small groups and mission opportunities that people are invited to participate in. You do not have to be a member of the church to participate in any of the activities of our community. We are very informal ,so you will always feel welcomed when bringing friends.

 We invite you to Come as you are.  We are an open and accepting community to all God’s people. Here you will find a community where God’s presence is felt, a community of openness and acceptance, a community where people from different church backgrounds and faith experiences flourish, a community where men, women and youth lead and learn together.

“All are Welcome – All means All.” This is our mantra as people come to worship. We have a mixture of new and traditional music, with drama, video, mixed into the service at times.

Time: Every Sunday morning
9:00 am – Church School
10:00 am – Hospitality
10:30 am – Worship

Dress:  Casual

Children:  We love having children in worship, but they can also have lots of fun learning and growing their faith in Children’s Church, a program created just for them. Children’s Church is for kids ages four through 3rd grade. For children 3 years of age or younger, quality nursery care is provided during Sunday morning worship – 10:30 am and Church School -9:00 am

Communion:  We take communion weekly. Everyone is welcomed to participate .You do not have to be a member of our church or any church to receive communion. We believe the sacraments are a symbolic gift of God’s love for all to receive.

525 North Indiana Street
Mooresville, Indiana 46158

Phone: 317-831-2777


Location: 525 North Indiana Street, Mooresville (Directly across from Mooresville High School)




Glenda Survance, Pastor

G Survance









Marilyn Miller, Organist

Our Core Values

We believe in the original blessing:  “God created human beings in His image; male and female, He created them, and it was good.” [Genesis 1: 28]

The congregation wants to affirm that each of us is a child of God and that, in our nature, we are created good. Certainly, we “miss the mark” [the original thought/ meaning of the word “sin”]. We revert to our own wants/desires– away from God. Part of our spiritual journey is to develop a greater relationship and a stronger relationship with God—to learn to seek God’s guidance before we launch out in our will. Certainly, we will do things wrong. But, our original nature is that of the image of God.

We believe that the Bible was inspired by God. The Apostle Paul puts it best in his second letter to Timothy:  All Scripture was written by people as God “breathed” [pneuma or air or wind] on them. In other words, the Holy Spirit was speaking to their minds and spirits as they put “pen to paper” [actually, not originally paper, but little scrolls of parchment or vellum]. This is a paraphrased version of part of 2Tim 3:16.  We believe that the Bible is the story of numerous relationships between God and God’ image in God’s creation– humans.

Our faith perspective is one of religious freedom and responsibility. We believe each person has a unique and valuable insight into God’s word in scripture.

We believe that all who call themselves Christians are part of the Body of Christ. We believe that no one denomination [or faith community] has necessarily a better understanding of God than another. We hope that we are very close but we do not stake a “doctrinal” claim to that belief. More importantly, we are not endeavoring to exclude from fellowship with any of our brothers and sisters in Christ because of what they claim. We desire to be known as “inclusive”.

We believe in the “priesthood” of all believers. That means that each individual has their very own relationship with Jesus Christ and that none of us are dependent on someone else for our spiritual being—like a preacher or priest or teacher or bishop, etc. We believe that all of us are a member of the Body of Christ and that we benefit from each other, regardless of our “official” training or appointment.

We believe that each Believer has different gifts, as God has bestowed those gifts upon us (I Corinthians 12). And so, we see that there is no difference between ministers and lay people. We believe everyone can serve– men and women and youth– in differing roles within the church, whether it be as a preacher, a teacher, a caregiver, etc. And, we believe that God, in fact, works through all of us. So, you will see, within our church body, male and female serving in leadership roles—sometimes jointly, sometimes separately.

Jesus Christ said, “I am the Bread of Life. Those who come to me will no longer hunger and thirst.”  We believe that [a] the Communion Table symbolically represents the Body and the Blood of Christ and [b] the Communion Table should be open to all who love God– who claim Jesus and are striving, in their own way, to follow Christ’s teachings. The Communion Table is a symbol of God’s “Grace Love” gift to all that are “made in God’s image”, just as it was in the time that the Apostles were starting the first Christian congregations.

During the 20 centuries of Church history, some Christian communities of faith have decided to maintain that only certain people can partake of the Lord’s Supper [also known as the Eucharist or as the Communion Table]. They have added rules, such as having to be accepted members of that particular church. But for us, the Table is a gift from God and all are welcome – no matter their background or their past or their credentials. It is not for anyone else but Jesus to make judgment as to who comes to the Table and who does not. So, we issue an open invitation to everyone to come to the Table, each Sunday in our church. You will see men and women sharing together and serving the Bread and the Cup—for, it is a symbol for all ages, all people, and everyone is welcomed at the Table that was ordained by Jesus.

We believe that Baptism is a “public” symbol [for all the world to know and see] of an inward, “free will” decision and experience that each of us has had as we accept Jesus, the Christ as our Lord [Master] and Savior. Whether you are sprinkled or immersed, it is still an outward symbol of accepting “Grace”. In our tradition, we usually immerse people, but certainly we have people who, because of physical limitations or for other reasons, are not immersed. We certainly have baptized people in other ways. We claim and affirm people’s baptism if they come from other traditions, believing that once you have been baptized, it is your spiritual statement that you “belong” to the Christian family. We do not need to be re-baptized. Unless, of course, someone requests it because they feel that maybe their first Baptism was not significant enough for them or they wish to rededicate themselves—then, their Baptism would then be a symbol of that re-dedication.


History of our Church

First Christian Church was founded in 1848. It is one of 3,500 congregations in the United States and Canada who call themselves “Disciples”.  The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the first Christian denomination founded on American soil.  Our faith perspective is one of religious freedom and responsibility.  We believe that each person has a unique and valuable insight into God’s Word in scripture.  Disciples of Christ celebrate Communion weekly, as we gather for worship. Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is invited to share in Communion at the Lord’s Table. Disciples believe in “the Priesthood of all Believers”. Men, women and children take their place along side of ordained ministers in worship and in church leadership. For more information about The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), please visit



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